N F FORGINGS endeavors to be the preferred supplier of Alloy Steel Castings by a commitment to deliver excellence through its professionalism, inspired Management and technical expertise, application of the industry's best practises and continual improvement in the Quality Control systems. The Management is determined to go that extra mile to deliver the buyers' requirements. They firmly believe that Customer Satisfaction is a by-product of excellence in product quality and process development, pro-active approach in handling Quality issues, prompt handling of customer queries, the cutting edge technology and last but not the least, the competitive pricing.

With ISO 9001: 2008 Class – A Foundry compliances, we can provide Quality Alloy Steel Castings, Mn Steel and SG Iron products.

We shall strive for a continual quality improvement and comply with the required international standards to implement quality systems through the following methods:

Methoding Simulation

Methoding is determined with the help of Casting Solidification Software during development process and gradually improved during production. Software eliminates all the human errors and results in defect-free castings in the first shot. It squeezes development time.

Non - Destructive Tests

  • Chemical Analysis by Optical Emission Spectrometer.
  • Radiography Inspection Test.
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Test.
  • Magnetic Particle Test.
  • Die Penetration Test.
  • Hardness Test.


German-made Max Optical Emission Spectrometer for Fe and Ni base up to 26 elements for analysis. Dimensional Inspection is carried out by Digital Verniers and appropriate Gauges on surface plates.


Upgraded Computerized Universal Testing Machine of 600 KN capacity.

Ultrasonic Testing

In-house Testing is carried out by NDT Level – II certified person.

Destructive Tests

  • Tensile test.
  • Impact Enarpy having sub-zero (-70 degrees Celcius) facility.
  • Jominy Hardenability Test.
  • NIL Ductility Test.


  • Micro structure analysis by Image Analyzer Software.
  • Sand Laboratory
  • Having ultra-modern facility to analyze Foundry Sand and its properties.